The agricultural and agri-food company’s performance is based on a multi-factorial whole. It is essential for the company’s chief and their multidisciplinary team, to work together, to apprehend them well. AND Consulting will know how to found performance levers to each structure and pilote their operational optimization and lasting.

Marjorie Lambert's ability to listen and teach will be a real plus when it comes to integrating the human dimension, the most precious capital of any company!


  • ACCOMPANY managers and their teams to get an overview in case of strategical decisions.
  • LINE UP the company's strategy and operational, from production to selling, to achieve goals.
  • CREATE and MAINTAIN the conditions of a win-win situation.
  • DEVELOP agility and reactivity of the organisation.
  • DEFINE and ANIMATE the company's management indicators.
  • OPTIMIZE the production line's profitability of a selling point or a whole.
  • ACCOMPANY recruitment on high-stakes positions (manager, shop floor chief...) requiring technical an managerial skills.
  • SPOTTING and CHOOSING with the management of interlocutors benficial to the development of the company's projects in complete independance.
  • TRANSLATE via a global audit the economic and financial results by explaining the operational actions.

The support offered by AND Consulting is highly operational. It uses the method of co-construction with the managers and in particular of Team Building with the collaborators.
For AND Consulting, employee's involvement is an integral part of imporving performance.

"I work in companies to create links, to support the establishment of bridges between the managerial function and the operational, around a common goal: the performance of the company."