Lacking time to explore, resources and sometimes ideas, envisioning new developments can be challenging for business leaders. When we know "what", we must also pass the course of the "how". AND Consulting "swaps its hat" of consultant for that of scout and copilot in the agriculture and food processing sectors.

It is a question here of helping you to open up the field of possibilities and to take height: new product, new service, new activity, new way of doing things and new markets!


  • EVALUATE projects, their potential and their risks
  • DETECT the difficulties, ADVISE managers, DETERMINE and then PILOT operational actions allowing the realization in the short term and in the medium term, step by step
  • COMPLETE and DEVELOP your ranges of products and services, HAVE an approach to your production costs and SET your prices
  • SUPPORT the preparation of International missions and TAKE over if necessary on specific missions (Trilingual French/English/Spanish)

Marjorie Lambert’s experiences and strong field culture allow her to immediately project the challenges of your development. Both a source of information, monitoring and analysis, the will also be a force in proposals, in collaboration with de manager.

«I draw my inspiration from what I see in the field, from my experiences in production workshops and sales outlets, taking care not to transfer them. I do not forbid myself any solution to help you developping your company's potential even more.»