The training offered by AND Consulting is an extension of the overall support. It is quite natural that Marjorie Lambert has developed this training offer.

Training courses that meet all types of objectives:

  • Develop manager's and employee's skills
  • Support establishment and anchoring of managers in an operational situation
  • Train employees and managers on specific topics (quality management, sales strategies...) while leading operational teams
  • Build complete trainings and seminars
  • Prepare for new projects
With a specific working method and adapted to each project

All trainings are built to be tailor-made according to the goal set at the start of the project. These trainings can be delivered in field, indoor or on a company visit.
Marjorie Lambert can intervene on various themes such as commercial management, performance development and regulations.

The theoretical trainings given indoors are often rich.

However, there can be a form of insufficiency in the transformation into optional action and more precisely in the "HOW to do". Using examples from the field and company news, supporting during the first steps in the application promotes the success of these initial training courses.
It is then easier to remove any obstacles to operational change, by demonstrating how it can work with correct examples.

Through her involvement, her network and skills in project management, Marjorie Lambert is the contact person to organise your events on agricultural and food, but also your appointment and experience sharing meeting.

"Recognizing good training: being able to test for the first time while being supervised and having enough confidence in your own skills to dare applying it independently, while making the organization evolve."