It is, on many ways, the conviction that guides Marjorie Lambert in her work and her relationships.
First, because Marjorie gives THE BEST of herself through her commitment, her trustworthiness and the strong links she has created with her network.
It is also the way of conceiving its mission: to identify in confidence, the strengths of each manager, of each employee to put them at the service of the company.
But working for THE BEST also means being demanding, knowing how to question yourself, showing rigor… Not always pleasant but effective!

In this BEST, there is also a little madness: to allow oneself of explore all paths, to test all ideas to support the company in new developments: this is the meaning of AND.

"The company is the place of all the developments. It allows the people to realize themselves and the ideas to germinate until the realization or the failure. The company can also be the ground of all the tensions and paradoxes. The challenges of traceability and ethics, without mentioning the digital development and the opening up of markets, have in particularly put stress on the agricultural and agrifood sectors. The requirement level is higher and multimodal. Some situations can tip over the balance of the company and its partners: departure of a key employee, implementation of new software, loss or failure of a customer, opening up to a new market, takeover of a company…

My passion: to accompany the actors of agrifood sectors in this balancing act, to support when it is necessary to skip a step, to manage erosions, sometimes collapses, to accompany with kindness to maintain endurance and to stain on course until your New Developments"



Marjorie Lambert knows how to evolve in universes often presented as opposing and compartmentalized: agriculture/agrifood, crafts and supermarket distribution, international and local, operational of production and strategy.


2003-2008 : Initial traineeship

• Engineer in agriculture and food precessing
• Peru and Madagascar: in charge of agroeconomic studies, study of the coffee and vanilla sectors

2008-2014 :

• Manager of a food production workshop and sale point, 15 to 50 employees; 6 years AUCHAN
• School of managers and traineeship Manager Coach
• License in management control

2014-2017 :

• Consultant trainer for farmers and artisans in the food industry: 3 years CERFRANCE

• Non-permanent teaching assistant- Master in business management
• Farm co-pilot and Project Manager
• English BULATS certification in Cambridge

Since 2017 :

• AND Consulting founded in October 2017
• Master in project management and business strategy




Since 2017

Today, she maintains a strong link with the field, due to her status as a business leaders.