The sustainability of the company depends on its ability to adapt to market fluctuations and societal changes. The agriculture and agrifood sectors are subject to crises and profound changes. In these difficult transitional phases, Marjorie Lambert will position herself, beyond so-called "classic" support, she will be alongside managers to clarify the challenges of change and put in place a strong dynamic including the teams.

Going from a logic of problems to a logic of solutions by mobilizing the collec;ve, this is the objec;ve of AND Consulting.



  • ACCOMPANY during the establishment of creation.
  • SUPERVISE the referents on a project: diversification, profitability management, establishment of a quality approach…
  • CREATE bridges and FIND solutions in times of disruption or communication difficulties between partners / business leaders / managers / employees.
  • HANDLE emergency (RH, HACCP, profitability…) : find levers to stay focus.
  • ACCOMPANY company in the lead of change.
  • ALLEVIATE to a management deficit, on a temporary basis.
  • PROFIT the production tool by reworking the commercial strategy and production management in a more CLEAN and LEAN way.
  • WORKING with directors and employees to allocate ressources and means.
  • EXPERIENCE an ERP change.
  • MANAGE important growth situations.
  • LEAD change with the team and partners.
  • PREPARE and TRANSMIT a business.

The highly operational support offered by AND Consulting will guide the managers and teams of the company step by step towards the previously shared objectives. Each actor will find their place in the transition plan to succeed in "taking the company to a new level".

« My greatest success: To see becoming true the company and the people who make it up. It is undoubtedly a privilege to be able to contribute actively to it. »